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Momolo by Komo

WRMFZY Gypsy Signet Ring

WRMFZY Gypsy Signet Ring

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When it comes to most people, the Gypsy is synonymous  with quality in this space and this product is no exception to that. We reached out to WRMFZY about the potential for a really unique collaboration for the company, and their followers. Luckily with some artistic collaboration we came up with a classic signet ring silhouette marked with the classic half Gypsy head. 

Each ring is molded, casted, and finished by hand here in the USA, this isn’t some cheap over seas party jewelry. These rings are all solid material, meaning the .925 silver is solid sterling silver, and the gold options are solid gold, no plating bullshit here. 

**Please allow 4-6 weeks for shipping processing, each ring is hand made and made to order by a single dedicated artist**

** free and standard shipping are NOT insured, purchase express shipping for shipping protection. We are not responsible for lost or damaged items by the post office** 


-.925 silver weight / ~10G solid silver 

-18k Gold weight / ~13G solid gold

-14k Gold weight / ~12G solid gold 

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